What is OPTAVIA Premier?

OPTAVIA Premier Membership Includes

OPTAVIA Premier is an auto-ship program!

Premier orders ship automatically each month, so your progress will never be interrupted or delayed. And if you're eager to try something different please don't worry - modifying your order is very easy.

Shipping Discounts

  • Free shipping on OPTAVIA Premier order S$450 and above
  • Flat rate shipping of S$10.00 on OPTAVIA Premier order between S$270 - S$449.99
  • Flat rate shipping of S$20.00 on OPTAVIA Premier order under S$270

Rewards Savings

  • 10% Rewards earned on OPTAVIA Premier orders with an item total over S$450
  • 5% Rewards earned on OPTAVIA Premier orders with an item total between S$270 - S$449.99

New OPTAVIA Premier Promotions

Receive five (5) free boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings with any of the following purchases: 

  • Purchase any 15 - 19 individual boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings; or
  • Purchase 1 OPTAVIA Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan Kit Option (Halal or non-Halal) 
  • Receive a discount equivalent to five (5) free boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings (i.e., S$190.00) applied to your order total by purchasing 20 or more individual boxes of OPTAVIA Fuelings.

How do I enroll in OPTAVIA Premier?

To enroll in OPTAVIA Premier, simply select this option by clicking on the designated check box in the checkout stage of your order. 

Click here to view Terms & Conditions and learn more about OPTAVIA Premier!